Kindergarten Identification

This research-based process provides each student an opportunity for identification. It consists of three areas: ability, classroom achievement, and behavior characteristics.

Ability: In January, all kindergartners are screened with a cognitive abilities assessment. Areas of thinking that are assessed are Verbal, Non-Verbal,and Quantitative.

Classroom Achievement: Gathered for students receiving a portfolio review, this information includes reading text-level and second trimester report card indicators in both literacy and math.

Behavior Characteristics: Gathered for students receiving a portfolio review, this information includes a teacher checklist (Scales for Rating the Behavior Characteristics of Superior Students) and a parent questionnaire (Things My Child Likes to Do).

Portfolio Review:

Students who score in a predetermined range on the CogAT 7 are considered for gifted services by means of a portfolio review. Portfolios include data from all four areas of assessment. Student names are removed from portfolio information; only a student identification number is used during the review process. Each portfolio is reviewed by a team to determine identification for gifted and talented education. If identified, the committee also determines the appropriate level of programming for that student. Parents are notified regarding this decision and provided information concerning future action.

Levels of Programming

  • An invitation to attend AGATE Academy (Area Gifted and Talented Education), our School-within-a-School Program (Currently housed at Lowell Elementary).

  • Building level programming in math, reading, or both subjects (Currently in development).

  • Differentiation in the regular-education classroom.

Elementary Appeals Process

At the request of a parent or guardian, the following appeals process will begin. The costs of assessments administered during the appeals process are the family's responsibility.

  1. A school psychologist will administer an appropriate congnitive ability test.*

  2. Scoring in the 95th percentile on the Woodcock-Johnson will qualify a child for a portfolio review.

  3. Members from the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee will review the portfolio and make a final decision.

Requests should be sent to Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher.

The cost of the Woodcock-Johnson assessment administered by the Paul Bunyon Education Cooperative is $150.