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School Age Children

Fun & Friends School Age Before and After School Care, Youth Connections K-8 and 4 & 5 Year old Programs

Before School Program 

The Before School Program held at WESB serves students in grades K-8 on days school is in session. Students will be picked up at WESB and bused to their home school in time for breakfast. Students from Baxter, Garfield, Harrison, Lowell, Riverside elementaries, and Forestview Middle School are served. The Before School Program opens at 

6:15 am. For more information, call the Youth Connection office at 218-454-6950.

Kinder Club, Early Age Care, Kindergarten Readiness

KinderClub is an all-day child care, enrichment and kindergarten readiness experience that serves our families during the school year and summer. Located at the Washington Educational Services Building, hours are 6:45 am-6 pm Monday through Friday. Children must be four years old to attend. Programming prepares children to enter the District's Kindergarten program. For more information, call 454-6977.Friends and Senior Leaders

Quality care and enrichment opportunities for youth in K-8. After school and Early Out Days: Dismissal - 6 pm Monday through Friday on days school is in session. Sites: Forestview, Nisswa and Washington Educational Services Building. WESB serves Garfield, Harrison, Lowell and Riverside students. 

All Day Programming: Held on student vacation days, break days and summer for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade at Nisswa Elementary and Washington Educational Services Building. For more information, call the Youth Connection office at 218-454-6950.

Youth Development/Youth Service 

Programs and services that engage youth in leadership development opportunities and activities through volunteer service to their community. These experiences provide the youth and the community they serve a sense of connection, worth and purpose. Current program examples include: Forestview Youth Advisory Council, Work Experience with Concession Sales, Youth Volunteer Staff Program, Babysitters' Preparation classes etc. For more information call 454-6953.

Youth Enrichment 

Youth develop life-long interests, skills and knowledge through sports, performing and visual arts, academics, special interest clubs, outdoor educational experiences and many more programs. Youth develop and enhance their own creative and physical capacities while sharing individual talents, skills, knowledge and character with others. For more information call 454-6953.