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Welcome to ISD 181

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the Brainerd Public Schools! 

Brainerd Public School proudly serves all area residents and approximately 6,600 + PreK-12 students in the communities of Baxter, Brainerd, Pine Center, Nisswa, Merrifield, Garrison and ALL surrounding townships.

Brainerd Public Schools is the county's largest employer. Approximately 900+ full and part-time staff members work together to provide the best educational and personal outcomes for students.

Brainerd School District is comprised of:

6 Elementary School Buildings serving PK-4 Students

1 Middle School Building serving 5-8 Grade Students

1 High School with 2 physcial buildings serving 9-12 Grade Students

1 Building serving Alternative Programs including High School, Middle Level and Early Childhood

1 Building serving students with Specialized Emotional and Behavior Programming               

Brainerd Public School Vision and Goals

Independent School District #181, in partnership with the community, will ensure all students achieve their individual potential by providing the highest-quality programs & resources to prepare learners for an ever-changing global society.

Staff Quality

We will systematically attract, develop, & retain quality teachers, leaders, & employees for the support of all learners.

Goal 1A: All certified staff will participate in an appraisal process with the building administrator once every three years beginning in the 2011- 2012 school year.

Goal 1B: District administration will develop & implement a standardized best practice screening & selection model by spring 2013.

Goal 1C: We will define staff development priorities aligned with district & site goals, & provide resources for those priorities.

Goal 1D: We will develop and implement an evaluation system for all non-certified staff by January 2013.

Stakeholder Relationships

We will develop stronger communication, engagement, & relationships with students, parents, staff, & community.

Goal 2A: We will develop a one-year Communication Action Plan by June 30, 2011 which clearly assigns expected communication roles and tasks.

Goal 2B: All ISD #181 employees understand, demonstrate, & value the importance of their roles in the schools & in the community.

Goal 2C: District leadership will draft and discuss a 10 year Capital Projects list by March 30, 2011 to inform District and community stakeholders of future capital needs.

Learner Expectations

We will develop & clearly communicate strong, district-wide expectations for academic achievement, engagement, & student behavior.

Goal 3A: We will annually define & communicate curriculum expectations for each grade level & course aligned with state & national standards.

Goal 3B: We will develop a common on-line behavior tool that is used to enter & track data for all students.

Goal 3C: By September, 2011, we will develop and publish common behavioral expectations for all sites and grade levels.

21st Century Technology & Innovation

We will increase effective & meaningful use of technology in all learning environments & throughout our organization while staying current with rapidly changing systems & products.

Goal 4A: By June 30, 2011 ISD#181 Media and Technology staff will conduct a technology audit to further inform the development of our infrastructure, staffing, hardware, training, and other technology needs for 2011-2014.

Goal 4B: We will increase the use of new technologies to individualize & increase student engagement in learning.

Goal 4C: We will increase staff comfort, capacity, & proficiency in using technology to increase student learning.


We will use financial resources effectively, responsibly, & transparently.

Goal 5A: Implement a priority based budgeting process and a priority-based budget approved by June 30, 2011.

Goal 5B: ISD #181 will develop & implement a plan to increase the overall number of Brainerd students attending the Brainerd Public Schools.

Goal 5C: By June 30, 2011 ISD#181 will develop a plan for operation of extra-curricular activities which exists without Warrior Way support.

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