Brainerd Public Schools Weather Announcements, Delays or Cancellations: Announcements will be broadcast over the following stations and continue periodically:  WJJY (106.7 FM), 3Wi (1270 AM), KLIZ (1380 AM/107.5 FM), KFGI (Froggy 103.5 FM), KVBR (1340 AM), KLKS (104.3 FM), KTIG (102.7 FM) & KCCO-TV, (Channel 7/12). 

If school cancels during the day due to bad weather, Community Education will also close.  

Did you know that you can apply for online access to your child's school attendance, lunch account, health records and electronic report card?   If you have username and password your link is in the left navigation "Family Access".  If you do not have a account the link is on the left for the application process.  There is a new look to Skyward Family Access go check it out (click here). 

Logo for Common Sense Media
Have you ever heard of "Common Sense Media"?  It is a great website to keep up with the best and worst on the web in regards to your child.  Click here for their new back to school guide.  

Brainerd has gone Google!  This web based tool chest and now your child(ren) can gain access from school or home.  Below please find the general information about where and how to login.  Student cannot email or share with anyone who is not a teacher, staff member, or student at Brainerd Public Schools.  Students cannot send or receive emails from you, cousins, grandma or grandpa.  We have set safeguards to protect all students at Brainerd Schools Students.  

Students start learning about Digital Citizenship and Internet Use in Kindergarten. Elementary schools focus on proper use, etiquette of the world wide web and process and procedure while using school equipment.