Hello!  Welcome to another year!  Here are some reminders regarding employee reimbursements.

WALMART-  ISD 181 does not reimburse employees for shopping at Walmart.  There are Walmart cards available for check out in each building.  Use the card to do your shopping and turn in the card and receipt when you are finished.

OFFICE MAX- ISD 181 does not reimburse employees for shopping at Office Max.  There are Office Max cards available for check out in each building.  Use the card to do your shopping and turn in the receipt and card when you are done.

ITEMIZED RECEIPTS ARE MANDATORY- If you wish to be reimbursed, you must provide detailed receipts showing what was purchased.  Credit card slips or statements showing only the total are not sufficient.  It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain the detailed receipt.

MILEAGE-  As of January 1, 2017 the mileage rate is 53.5 cents per mile.  Please use the correct rate.  The next possible change will occur on July 1, 2017 and you will be advised if that happens.  Please note that ISD 181 does not pay for mileage to workshops/trainings if there was a district vehicle available to use.  Check it out before you drive.  Please use the mileage matrix where applicable.

MEAL REIMBURSEMENTS- ISD 181 pays a maximum of $10.00 for breakfast, $15.00 for lunch, and $25.00 for supper.  We do not pay for snacks/coffee/water/pop between meals.  We do not pay for alcohol or tax/tip on alcohol.  When you cross out the beverage, remember to adjust the tax/tip as well.  If possible, ask for the bar tab to be separated from the food tab. A detailed receipt is required for reimbursement.

DAILY MAX MEAL REIMBURSEMENTS- If you are going overnight, you may use the Daily Max Meal Form to combine your meals into a maximum of $50.00 per day (for example, skip breakfast and lunch and spend more on supper).  To use the daily max, you need to complete the form so we can “see” your entire day.  There are directions on the form.  Do NOT pick up the tab for someone else or have them pick up the tab for you.  If there are multiple people on the tab, or if you do not use the Daily Max Meal Form, reimbursement will be calculated based on straight meal maximums.

EMPLOYEE REIMBURSEMENTS DONE VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT- We reimburse our employees via direct deposit into the same account they have set up for payroll.  Reimbursements are done twice per month (15th and 30th) except for December when there is only 1 reimbursement done somewhere between December 15 and Christmas holiday.  You can go into Employee Access and look under the “AP Payments” tab to see all of your reimbursements.

Vouchers and mileage forms need to be signed and coded by your building or department before they come to me.  Please do not send an envelope full of receipts, because they cannot be processed without a code or approval.

If you are shopping or making purchases on behalf of ISD 181 (meaning the purchase will be billed to ISD 181, not paid out of pocket by you).

1.      Please check your receipt before you leave the store.  ISD 181 is tax exempt (except for lodging and prepared food).  Make sure there is no tax on your receipt.  If there is, please have them correct it before you leave the store.  If you run into difficulty, have the clerk get a manager, call your building secretary or call me at 454-6919.  We don’t hand out copies of our ST3 form to employees, but every store where we have an account should already have one on file.

2.      If you aren’t sure if we have an account somewhere check with me or your building secretary before purchasing or ask at the store.  We can save the tax and sometimes get special pricing if they bill ISD 181 directly instead of you having to pay cash and get reimbursed.

3.      Please turn your receipts in to the correct person right away.  Do not leave them on your desk or in your pocket/purse to take care of later.  If a box is delivered to your classroom/office, please look inside to see if there is an invoice.  If so, turn it in immediately.  Some vendors charge us a fee to obtain copies of lost invoices and we end up paying late fees/finance charges if the invoice doesn’t get to someone who can process it.

4.      If you are signing your name for a purchase, please make sure it is LEGIBLE.  If your signature is not easily recognizable, please also print your name.  Including a building or department is also helpful.

5.      ISD cannot purchase gift certificates or gift cards.

Thank you everyone for doing your part to ensure that our bills get paid promptly.  Have a great year, and don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance.

Angie Hins
Accounts Payable
ISD 181