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Google Education Suite

Gmail is an online communications hub with world class email, text and voice chat, one-on-one video conferencing, and a directory of contacts. You can use Gmail from any computer, tablet or phone - both online and offline. Google Apps for Education Gmail includes custom email addresses to match your school branding, plenty of storage, no ads, and administrative controls to allow students to safely communicate - inside or outside a school domain - all for free.

The Google Docs Suite is a set of productivity tools that includes the ability to create, edit, share, and collaborate, anytime, anywhere — using a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can be accessed and edited offline or online and shared to one or to many.

Google Contacts is your online address book, integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products. Sync your Google Contact to your phone, tablet, and desktop programs to that you can always have access to what's important to you.