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ProDev "How To's"

Key Highlights/Requirements: 

All registration must happen 
PRIOR TO the day of the course. 
Rationale: The program automatically closes registration options on the day of the course.  

There is no option to sign up at the bottom of the Sing-In Attendance list the day of course.  
Rationale: Efficiency of staff operations. We do not have staff designated to manually input all of these changes. 

Print your own CEUs - Login to ProDev and go to MyInformation an down to ProDev Courses
Rationale: Efficiency for your re-licensure process.  The CEUs are now available for all courses that you complete and stay in your course list.   

All courses have online Evaluations to complete.  Go to My Information and down to ProDev Courses
Rationale: Efficiency, less paper and printing! 

You can delete courses yourself and register for another if needed.  Please remember to email your principal to approve your change.  
Rationale: If you do not notify your principal they will not know the change occurred. Principal approval is needed, otherwise the course will stay in the "requested" category and you will not be on the sign-in sheet.  If you are NOT on the sign-in sheet you will not receive credit.  


Floating Inservice Core Team